Category: Preparations

Stress heads

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times Tryna and I have fallen out in the past decade.   2 of those have been this week! Over the past 6 weeks preparations have taken all our effort, energy and focus.  And now school’s out, the kids are commanding a chunk of Read More

It’s time to say goodbye

Goodbye to Netflix and goodbye to Spotify. Goodbye to NowTV and goodbye to Amazon Prime. Goodbye to school runs and piano lessons. Even the PlayStation has gone into storage! There’s been a lot of goodbyeing to friends too.  Some of them heading off on their own summer adventures. We’ve been humbled by the kind words, Read More

Freezer Tapas (and other food combo’s)

Well we’re 14 days from leaving and following the theme of ‘clear the decks’; it’s time to tackle the kitchen cupboards and of course the freezer. Wow…what a selection of mouth-watering delights awaited us! We’ve been working through the shelves for a little while and you have to play the long game on this one.  Read More

Clear the decks

How much stuff have you got? Because we’ve got LOADS! It’s not like I’m bragging, it’s not valuable; it’s just stuff…imagine our house is like the back of a giant’s sofa; it’s all the detritus that falls down the back.  It seems that almost everyday involves a trip to the local recycling centre and / Read More

Testing Times

Before embarking on ‘The Big Trip’ we’ve got to properly equip ourselves.  Fortunately we’ve been camping in various guises for some time and have accumulated a stunning array of paraphernalia that would rival a Go Outdoors stock room. However that’s not to say it’s all useful, required or even in working condition.  That means testing Read More


A metal plaque has been hanging in our toilet for a while now.  It reads “and so the adventure begins” and has an inspirational background of forest and open road. Seemingly calling you to the wild.  I think it’s tat!  I’d always assumed it was talking to the contents of the toilet bowl rather than Read More