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Backpacks and Walking Sticks

And just like that (snap of fingers) our time in Belgium is over.  It’s been kind though, the weather has been amazing, the campsites great.  But most of all the people are lovely. There’s a lot on offer in Belgium, besides the obligatory beer, chocolate and fries.  Beautiful landscapes; the big skies and flat landscapes Read More

Baa Baa Black Sheep

So today I learned there’s broadly 4 types of sea sickness.  An education experience brought about by a force 6 southwesterly in the Irish Sea.  The Captain said it “looks a bit breezy”. Let me lay these out for you. Type 1 ‘Silent but Volatile’: Lets call this one the ‘Evie’.  There’s no warning associated Read More

Early Days

Early mornings and late nights have been on the menu in the final push to get out of the house. With tenants turning up and a removal truck on the verge the pressure was really on.  But against some odds we made it. Do NOT underestimate the length of time it takes to prepare for Read More